:: are rachel abrams + kofi aidoo, two interaction designers in brooklyn who met earlier this year over a crate of 70s soul records.

:: usually does all kinds of digital design strategy work with global companies + complex bureaucracies + having logged a decade in front of office software, has found herself thirsting for analog, gazing longingly at the implementation end of the design process + hankering for small scale, personal, local projects where she can get her hands back into building + meet the audience. neither reading shop class as soul craft nor recommending the craftsman to her students would quite satisfy. so she politely asked if anyone would like to lend her a soldering iron.

for d+a’s debut project, she’s worked directly with the event producers to come up with the creative concept, document the project online and collaborated from her kitchen to specify the build and construct most of what doesn’t glow in the dark. and made countless cups of tea, armed with tailors chalk + wire strippers.

:: is a self-described trans-continental designer whose works “live at the crossroads of culture and technology”. born in ghana, raised there and in the u.s., he has also worked as an industrial designer+physical computing innovator in the u.k. and belgium. for d+a’s debut project, he’s detailed the design, led all the fiddly hardware+software stuff, and is officially in charge of the arduino + the ipod.

:: both attended london’s royal college of art, albeit one floor + graduating several years apart. they both now live, work + play in brooklyn ny + have been listening to a lot of bbc radio 1xtra lately. we have glen of core 77 to thank for hot-gluing us to this neat little collaboration + dj scribe of i love vinyl, aka our friend ben, for creating the opportunity.

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