The I Love Vinyl logo booth

At I Love Vinyl’s party at Lincoln Center in late October 2010, two eminent confectioners of sound and light, dilys+asante, from the International Institute of Get Down and The University of Things that Blink, set out to collect first-hand evidence of the magical impact of unstoppable good music: the irresistible desire to stay out late and party.

Friends of ILV shared photos from the logobooth by email to facebook and flickr throughout the night, raising global good vibes by whole degrees at the end of the night. Based on d+a calculations, this triggered more smiles from absent friends, well after sunrise burned off the last holdouts on the dancefloor. The photobooth made its debut next to the DJ’s decks at the Lincoln Center Atrium, appeared at the Gallery Bar at Le Poisson Rouge the following night and soon after at Brooklyn Bowl. The results are captured in our slideshow. And, nice one – in and out of costume, you did it for the benefit of all Vinyl-loving kind!

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